Heat Pump Installation, Mt. Juliet, Franklin and Brentwood, TN

Stay Comfortable with Heat Pump Installation or Heat Pump Repair in the Mt. Juliet, Franklin and Brentwood, TN area

Make the Smart Move,
Invest in a Heat Pump

An AC unit cools your house during the summer, but in the winter it takes heat out of the air to heat your home. This process can be effective, until the temperature outside drops below 20 degrees. Often, homeowners only have heat strips, which can be incredibly inefficient and expensive down the line. With frequent AC unit repairs, you can save money initially, but your monthly power bill will increase over time. Blocker Heating & Cooling, Inc recommends installing a heat pump to lower your monthly utility bill. Call 629-333-6833 right away for heat pump installation services.

How does a heat pump work

A Heat pump can be a simple, cost-effective solution to heating your Tennessee home. But, not many people know how they work. Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding heat pump installation and maintenance:

An AC unit, unlike a heat pump, has a heat strip that's similar to a blow dryer. Hot air blows across heated metal strips and is then directed to the rest of your home. This is only effective for a limited amount of time at fairly moderate temperatures.

A heat pump provides a more powerful source of heat for when the temperature really drops. It doesn't have to operate constantly, saving you from high energy bills and costly maintenance on a worn-out pump.

A heat pump that operates for long periods of time without making significant changes to the temperature in your space is in need of repair or replacement. Luckily, Blocker Heating & Cooling completes heat pump repairs and replacements.

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